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Romans 3:9-20 (8/2/2023)

Application of Romans 3:9-20


*Note: The small group discussion for this passage was preparatory, taking place before the study.*


Have you ever heard the phrase “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me?” Have you ever found this to be untrue in your own life? When have you been hurt by words?


Much more than just being a silly, untrue phrase we heard as kids, the phrase is also unbiblical. Romans 3:9-20, in continuing with Paul’s explanation of the universality of human sin, explains that in our sin, we often use destructive words rather than life-giving words.


Romans 3:14 describes sinful people as having mouths full of cursing and bitterness. Have you thought about how what we say can either give life or destroy life? What are some times we have found ourselves using words to harm people, whether it be contributing to gossip, angrily cursing at someone, etc.? How can we better practice taming our tongues so that we do not destroy people with our words?


But this passage is about far more than just behavior modification; this passage sets the stage for Paul to deliver the greatest news of all. Though this passage ought to bring us low and crush us with humiliation, the gospel comes in to bring us new life. Though we often find ourselves pictured in this passage, the grace of the gospel gets the final word for those who trust Jesus (Rom 1:16-17; 3:21).