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Romans 3:21-24 (10/4/2023)

Application of Romans 3:21-24, Part 2


*Note: The small group discussion for this passage was preparatory, taking place before the study.*


Define the cancel culture movement.

  1. What are some things for which celebrities or other public figures have been “canceled?”
  2. Have you joined in on the outrage against this person?
  3. Have you ever tried to make a case in their defense?
  4. What might a case for a canceled public figure look like coming from you?

Have you ever personally been defended when you know you were in the wrong?

  1. Have you had a friend stand up for you when you mouthed off to someone?
  2. Or have you tried to defend someone who appears to be indefensible.
  3. Or maybe you found yourself joining in on a movement to cancel someone.

How does cancel culture compare to biblical teachings of grace/mercy and justice?

  1. Consider passages like Exodus 20:5-6/Deut 5:9-10 and Ezekiel 18:23.
  2. Note that God gives grace and mercy freely and abundantly for thousands of generations (in comparison to 3-4 generations of judgment)

God’s heart is to forgive filthy rotten sinners.

  1. Has he forgiven you?
  2. Do you forgive others as He has forgiven you if you believe in Him, or are you quick to condemn and slow to forgive?
  3. How does knowing that Jesus never grows tired of defending you, despite your continued sin and rebellion, change the way you interact with those who have offended/wronged you/others?