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Romans 3:1-8 (6/7/2023)

Application of Romans 3:1-8


*Note: The small group discussion for this passage was preparatory, taking place before the study.*


  • Potential starting points:
    • Depending on the makeup of your group, you could start by asking what the blessings are from growing up under godly parents.
      • Paul’s point in the passage is that God does not consider those who are merely born into His people and have received the outward covenantal sign of circumcision to truly be His people—only those who love to worship God and are being transformed inwardly truly belong to Him (God is after the hearts of His people).
      • However, the Jew who is merely born externally into God’s people is still blessed for having access to God’s word—God’s word is a blessing.
    • Or, how do you think Christianity has benefitted our culture (as Americans, southerners, Virginians, Salemites, etc.)?
      • Examples: scientific revolution, Western morality/human rights, higher education/universities, public education, abolition of slavery, etc.


  • Think of a time when you did something wrong or foolish, but there was a positive result/outcome. Feel free to share.
    • Does the positive outcome mean that you made the right choice? Or, was the choice still wrong, regardless of the outcome?
    • God, in His providence, often uses foolish, wicked people with foolish wicked intentions to accomplish good things.
    • However, we are still accountable for our sin, regardless of the outcome. By God’s grace, the outcome is not as bad as it could have been.
    • Praise God that He is still in control of the outcomes of our actions despite our best efforts to the control.