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Romans 1:8-17

Application of Romans 1:8-17


*Note: The small group discussion for this passage was preparatory, taking place before the study.*


  • What is the gospel? Why is it good news for you?
    • Note that Paul says it is the righteousness of God revealed from faith for faith (Rom 1:17).
    • It is the righteousness of God given to sinners who believe—based on faith alone.

(We’ll get more into this in the study)

    • It is good news for you because you personally understand your own sin and your need for Christ. The gospel is not just abstract concepts, but something Christ did for you if you believe in Him.


  • Why should you share the gospel with others if you believe it, despite the potential for shame? If you don’t believe it, why do you think people want to share it with you?
    • If we truly believe the bad news of our rebellion against a holy God that warrants His just condemnation, then we share the good news of the gospel.
    • If the gospel has brought you immeasurable joy, as Paul says it does (cf. Rom 12:11-12), then we complete our joy by sharing it with others so that they can be joyful as well.
    • Joy is completed when we share it. That’s why if we enjoyed a book or a movie, we want to talk about it with other people.
    • And the gospel gives hope to the hurting—and we all hurt at times. The gospel makes sense of our suffering and makes us long for Christ’s return.


  • If you are a believer, to whom are you called to share the gospel?
    • We don’t need to all go be missionaries, but start small and local—do evangelism with friends and family.
    • Evangelism isn’t always a once and done formal presentation of the gospel—it can often be ongoing, continual conversations across the span of years as you are in relationships with unbelievers.
    • Continue to make known to unbelievers why you believe the gospel and why it brings you the greatest hope and joy.