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Romans 1:18-32

Application of Romans 1:18-32


*Remember Romans 1:16-17; 3:21 when reading from this section of Romans that deals with the doctrine of Total Depravity, which spans Romans 1:18-3:20*


Which of the listed acts of sin stood out to you?

  • Did any of them in particular convict you?
  • Or did you just not realize that some of them are as important as they are (e.g. gossip, thankfulness, obedience to parents, etc.)?


Why does God care about how we use our bodies?

  • He is our creator. He knows how our bodies work best to flourish in His creation.
  • And we bring Him glory when we obey His instructions.


How well do you practice thankfulness to God?

  • When God answers your requests, how do you respond?
  • (For example, do you notice when He answers you? Do you say a quick thank you prayer and move on? Do you tell others joyfully about how God answered your prayer?)


With passages like this, we sometimes forget to see ourselves in the passage.

  • Let Scripture be a mirror to you that exposes the ways in which you dishonor God by sinning against Him.
  • Do you see yourself in this passage? Does it expose your personal sin? If so, let it point you to Christ who paid for the sins of those who believe in Him.
  • Many of these things are temptations that Christians continue to face, but we don’t practice and make habits out of ungodliness.
  • If we follow Christ, we recognize that our identity is in Him and who He has called us to be: a child of God.
  • Our identity as believers is not in the sinful temptations with which we still struggle, no matter how strong the pull is.
  • Instead we ask Him to enable us fight sin (whether same-sex attraction, unthankfulness, gossip, idolatry, deceitfulness, envy, disobedience, hatefulness, murder, etc.). In all things, pray for faithfulness to the God who redeems His people from their sin.