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Romans 1:1-7

Application of Romans 1:1-7


*Note: The small group discussion for this passage was preparatory, taking place before the study.*


  • Discussion Question: Think of a time to share when you have had to do something you didn’t feel equipped to do. Were you nervous? Did you lose sleep? Did it affect your mood? Did you feel like there was no way you could do what you were expected to do and people needed to lower their expectations of you?


  • Interactive Question: In Romans 1:17, Paul introduces himself to the Roman church, repeatedly emphasizing how he has been called/set apart. What are some of those ways?


  • Though Paul was very gifted in education, writing, and speaking, as we will see, God called Paul to be something he was not originally.
    • Before he encountered Jesus on the road to Damascus, he was a slave to his sinful passions, not Christ.
    • Before salvation, he was not sent to preach the good news of Jesus—he wanted to destroy the church.
    • Before salvation, he did not seek to encourage others to trusting faith in the God of the gospel—he wanted to imprison and persecute Christians.
    • Before salvation, he did not belong to Jesus Christ.
    • Jesus needed to equip Paul and set him aside for gospel ministry—a task he could not do himself.
    • Jesus called him to be a preacher of the gospel, and the Holy Spirit enabled him to do so.


  • If you are a believer, and the calling to share the good news of Christianity seems overwhelming, know that God does not call people to do things that He will not carry them through.
    • He prepares meticulously.
    • Just as he prepared for the coming of His Son through the Old Testament prophets and Scripture, all the way back to Adam in Genesis 3:15, He intentionally calls His people today to be a part of His Mission to make a people for Himself from every tribe, tongue, and nation.
    • If you are a believer or become one at some point, God has meticulously been planning to save you and use you on His mission.
    • And He will work through you and equip you to do what He calls you to do.