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Morning Worship November 12, 2023

  • Morning Worship November 12, 2023

"Find Blessing through Giving to Others"

Preacher: Rev. Dr. Heath Rickmond

Central Passage: Deuteronomy 15:1-11


  • Proposition Statement: Walk humbly before the Lord as we serve and bless others (Micah 6:8). Christ's work on the cross was for you so you can serve others.
  1. God's Plan for the Needy Neighbor: Release the Debt
  2. God's Provision for the Needy Neighbor: Soft Hearts and Open Hands
  3. God's Plan and Provision for You: God's Release through Christ
  4. Conclusion: How to Cultivate a Culture of Love
    • Join a gospel church.
    • Ask God to help you intentionally promote the gospel in our relationships.
    • Encourage corporate gathering for worship--do it with joy.
    • Do not be afraid of others not like you.