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Morning Worship July 23, 2023

  • Morning Worship July 23, 2023

"Trusting in the Presence of the LORD"

Speaker: Rev. Jesse Furey

Central Passage: Psalm 27


  • Proposition Question: What is your first pursuit, God Himself or His secondary blessings?
  • Context: David trusts in the presence of the LORD during his first exile from Saul, reflecting on a moment of peace.
  1. Psalm 27:1-6:
    • Whether our burden is light or heavy, our starting point is "The LORD is my light and my salvation."
    • In David's moment of peace, he practices and cultivates an appetite for God.
  2. Psalm 27:7-12:
    • Be present with the LORD in times of trouble (cf. Psalm 23).
    • Keep praying.
  3. Psalm 27:13-14:
    • David turns to address the community of the LORD.
    • Wait for the LORD as David waits for the LORD.
  4. Conclusion (cf. Romans 8:31-39; John 16:3):
    • God is ready for you to turn to Him right now.
    • Has your first love of God grown cold? Turn back to Him right now.
    • Our heavy burden will one day be removed completely.