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Morning Worship November 13, 2022

"Parenting by Grace in a Consumer World"

Central Speaker: Jared Kennedy 

Central Passage: Psalm 78:5-7


  1. Two biblical relationships: Consumer and Covenantal
  2. Who is involved in covenantal relationships?
    • God is involved in our parenting and in building our homes (78:5)
    • Parents are responsible for passing on the faith (teaching) and remaining covenantally loyal to children.
    • God's chosen people who are in covenant with Him are responsible for helping.
  3. Application
    • Find someone to hold you accountable and meet with them on a regular basis.
    • Serve in this local church, and serve with your children.
  4. Conclusion: The Great Commission goes in two directions: 
    • Across the world
    • Across generations