November 2018   
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Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry at Salem Baptist is a multi-focused, graded program that includes parent leadership and involvement.  The goal of "becoming faithful followers of Jesus Christ" for youth focuses on:

1.  Christian Education.   The cirruculum includes basic spiritual disciplines, Bible content overview, formation of a Christian world view, understanding of basic theology and basic apologetics.
Teachers: Patrick Herndon and Jennifer Halstead

2. Growth Groups:  Senior highers are encouraged to join the adults in these special topical studies. 

3. Activities & Events:  Watch the calender for what's coming up next!
Leaders:  Patrick Herndon & Jennifer Halstead

4.  "Body Building" --based on Eph. 4:12, " to prepare God's people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up..."  Wednesday Evenings.
Leaders:  Patrick Herndon & Jennifer Halstead